Who We Are

The Volunteer for Justice Foundation is a non-governmental organization established with the sole purpose of legal empowerment and access to justice. The Foundation has recently started its operations in Delhi, India and is developing various informal clinics across India (in a phased manner) comprising of Volunteers (law students, lawyers, academicians, etc). The Foundation aims to legally empower people through Nyaya Sahayak (paralegals) and provide free legal services to people who need. Apart from working at the grass root level, the Foundation is currently developing the technological tools to better scale it operations and achieve its objectives.

The Foundation works in coordination with the civil society organizations, Legal Aid Groups, Government and other organizations to achieve the objectives.


100 Students


50 Lawyers


2 Clinics


1 Mission

Our Mission

Volunteer for Justice Foundation is dedicated to taking the power of law to all sections of the society and to open the doors of Justice!

Access to law and justice is the hallmark of any civilized and caring society—a basic necessity in a democracy governed by the rule of law. Access to justice means being treated fairly according to the law and if you are not treated fairly, being able to get appropriate redress. It also means making access to law less complex and everyone having some basic understanding of their rights.

Despite robust support in the letter of the law, the existing legal system & machinery are unable to meet the needs of the disadvantaged class and provide access to justice. Therefore, there is an urgent need to create a cadre of conscientious and socially committed lawyers, law students and other volunteers who can transform the justice system.

Inspired by our history and the Constitution, the Volunteer for Justice Foundation is committed to create a network of volunteers to:

  • advocate pro bono culture in Indian legal landscape,
  • promote legal consciousness and legal empowerment, and
  • uphold access to justice in the society (especially for marginalized and disadvantaged groups)

Our Approach